Andrew Mikkelson: Super Smash Bros.


Any EKU students that play Super Smash Bros. should fear Andrew Mikkelson and his unforgiving “spike” strategy.

Each character in the game has a Meteor Attack or “spike”- an attack that can send enemies straight down if hit in mid-air. Mikkelson mainly uses Samus from the Metroid franchise, who’s Meteor Attack is swinging her arm cannon downwards.

Here’s a video showing various Samus spikes.

“My strategy with Samus is to get them off the side of the stage and hunt for the spike,” Mikkelson said.


Samus Aran (Metroid series) ©Nintendo

Mikkelson has also practiced with other characters to keep his opponents guessing.

“I also play as Meta Knight in Brawl, and Ganondorf in Project M and Smash for Wii U.”


Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda series) ©Nintendo


Meta Knight (Kirby series) ©Nintendo

Mikkelson tends to focus on kicks and powerful Smash attacks with Ganondorf, the main villian of The Legend of Zelda, and incorporates a “hit-and-run” strategy with Meta Knight from the Kirby series, landing small, continuous hits while keeping out of range until he can land a powerful finishing blow.

Disclaimer: All images belong to Nintendo. Youtube video uploaded by Youtube user “JesusGames5050.”