Victor Dixon: The Last of Us Online

image1-1Whenever he’s not doing homework for his Criminal Justice classes, Victor Dixon is doing his damnedest to bring victory to his Faction in The Last of Us Online.

The Last of Us is a critically acclaimed survival horror action-adventure game in which society has broken down after a mutated Cordyceps outbreak turns people into cannibalistic monsters. People are left to fend for themselves, scavenging what resources they can, and the Online mode taps into this aspect.



A tarantula affected by the Cordyceps fungus. In real life, the fungus infects insects such as ants and spiders, taking control of the insect, then killing it and releasing spores to infect more.


In The Last of Us, a mutated strain of cordyceps has begun infecting humans, turning them into cannibalistic monsters known as Clickers, seen here. Completely blinded by the fungus, they track prey through echolocation, a trait that can be exploited in the single player campaign. 

The Online mode has players select one of two Factions: Hunters or Fireflies. Players then battle in either Supply Raid, killing opposing players and finding supplies; Survivors, a battle to see who’s left standing; and Interrogation, which is like a mixture of the two. Unlike other multiplayer modes like Call of Duty or Battlefield, health doesn’t regenerate automatically. Unless you take the time to heal yourself up, you can be killed in a mere one or two shots.

“I started playing this about 3-4 years ago,” says Dixon. “I play stealth when I can get away with it, but I’ll be loud when I have to.” Dixon mainly uses a bow and arrow for silent kills, but always carries a revolver and molotov cocktails & smoke bombs if his cover’s blown.


The bow is the go-to stealth weapon for handling enemies when a silent takedown isn’t an option. Note the arc of the bow, which helps guide the main character Joel, into making as accurate a shot as possible.

“The reality escape is the best part of this game mode, though it can get frustrating easily,” says Dixon. He remembers many times when someone just barely sidestepped an arrow, leaving him a sitting duck.

Photo’s 1 and 3 courtesy of the The Last of Us wiki. Photo 2 courtesy of DeviantArt user “thomaswievegg.”