Eric Justice – Super Smash Bros.

Eric Justice is another EKU student that loves delving into the world of Super Smash Bros. and has done so as far back as the original game on the Nintendo 64. In that game and it’s sequel Super Smash Bros. Melee, Justice played as Captain Falcon, the main character from Nintendo’s F-Zero racing series.


Captain Falcon ©Nintendo

“I think he was such an iconic part of Smash with his trademark FALCON PAWWNCH,” said Justice.

Justice continued playing who he liked, but after losing his first tournament, he learned of the concept of tiers.

“…after getting rolled at the first tournament I ever attended I quickly found out that competitively, some characters are just better than others.”

For Brawl, the top tiered character was Meta Knight from the Kirby series. Some would argue that Meta Knight was a broken character (unfairly overpowered) and should’ve been banned in tournaments, though this was balanced out in Smash for Wii U and 3DS.


Meta Knight (Kirby series) ©Nintendo

Justice decided to go back to using Captain Falcon and Marth from the Fire Emblem series, but with the inclusion of DLC characters, Justice immediately jumped at two in particular: Mewtwo from the Pokemon series, and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

“Even though he was subsequently buffed, I found Mewtwo to be a very fun character to play with from the start. For me his strategy was a mix of mind games, and speed, keeping your opponent on their toes never knowing if they would get hit by a rogue shadow ball, or tossed off the stage with his kill throws,” said Justice.


Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokemon ©Nintendo

I would place Cloud comfortably on top as the best swordsman in Smash. I downloaded him day 1 and have been playing as him ever since. Cloud is definitely a mixed bag. He rewards a skilled hand, but suffers just as bad as Little Mac if you let him get tossed around.”


Cloud Strife ©Square Enix


Abigail Smith – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Abigail Smith is another EKU student that loves Smash Bros., but rather than go for the direct attack, she goes for a technical bout with her main character, Robin, from the Fire Emblem series.

Robin (male and female forms) from Fire Emblem ©Nintendo

Robin’s method of attack is using tomes to attack with fire, wind, electricity, and even dark magic to drain health from others. Robin also has a sword that can deal increased damage and knockback. The downside is that these tomes and sword have a limited number of uses until they need a cooldown period.

Robin’s electric tome can be executed in 4 different styles, ranging from a small lightning bolt to a fully-charged beam that can hit multiple enemies.

That being said, Robin is Abigail’s main for 1v1 matches, and rarely uses him for free for all battles.

“No way am I playing Robin in FFA. I don’t want to ruin my 1v1 skill with him,” said Abigail.

In free for all’s, Abigail tries a variety of characters, most notably Captain Olimar from Nintendo’s Pikmin series.

Captain Olimar from Pikmin ©Nintendo

Olimar uses his Pikmin to attack, each one having a different element. For example, red Pikmin deal fire damage, while purple Pikmin are raw power. Abigail prefer’s blue Pikmin, who deal more throwing damage than the others, which is what she leans towards.

Disclaimer: Pikmin and Fire Emblem are properties of Nintendo. Images provided from the Fire Emblem and Pikmin wikia’s, respectively.