Max Soto-League of Legends


When not working on his Computer Science classes, Junior Max Soto can be found at the Game Cave sharpening his skills at the popular RTS (Real Time Strategy) game League of Legends.


League of Legends © Riot Games

A free to play game, LoL has a simple goal: 5v5 matches, destroy the opponent’s base while stopping the opposition from doing the same to you. The selling point is that there are over 100 champions to choose from, spanning 5 classes.

Soto got into the game after watching his friends playing it.

“I decided one day to give it a shot,” Soto said. “I’ve been playing for 3 years now.”

While Soto tries out many different characters, he loves playing as Kled.


Kled © Riot Games

While Soto enjoys the game, he has been frustrated by it more times then he cares to admit.

“It comes down to your team,” said Soto. “Either they listen to you, or they blame you.”

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