Phoenix Lee Covington-SMITE


If you see Graphic Design major Phoenix Lee Covington in Powell, chances are he’s playing the popular MOBA game, SMITE.

The point of SMITE is very similar to League of Legends-destroy objective before your opponents do-except there’s one major difference: In LoL, the game is at a top down perspective, so all you needed was the mouse to move. In SMITE, the game is at a 3rd person view, requiring more use of the keyboard.

“I’ve been playing SMITE for 4 years, ever since a friend referred me to it,” said Covington.

The game has a variety of characters, centered around 5 classes: Hunter, Assassin, Warrior, Mage, and Guardian.

“I usually play as the warrior character, Sun Wu-Kong,” said Covington.


Sun Wu-Kong © SMITE

“Something else about SMITE is that you might get teamed up with your friends, but it’s completely random who your teammates are,” said Covington.

Disclaimer: Image provided by the Smite wikia.


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