Alec Grant-Overwatch

Alec Grant, a Paralegal major, loves putting his free time into Overwatch, the popular team shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.


Overwatch © Blizzard

“I got into the game in early October,” said Grant.

“I feel that what got this game as big as it is is because of Blizzard. This game is very similar to Battleborn, which is a fun game in it’s own, but because this was made by Blizzard, Overwatch completely overshadowed it,” said Grant.

Blizzard is responsible for World of Warcraft, the most popular MMO in gaming history, so Grant has an argument to be made here. Regardless, he loves playing the game.

“I main Reaper and Roadhog,” said Grant. “The characters I hate the most are Bastion, because people keep spamming his turret form, and Tracer since she moves too fast for me to get a good shot.”


Reaper © Blizzard


Roadhog © Blizzard


Tracer © Blizzard


Bastion © Blizzard

Disclaimer: All images are courtesy of the official Overwatch wikia.


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