Fallout 4 1-ups The Walking Dead

fallout_4_cover_artWith how open the world of Fallout 4 is, you never know what or when you’ll discover something that stands out.


Quick plot synopsis: In 2077, you and your family escape to Vault 111 just as America falls to nuclear annihilation. After escaping from cryogenic sleep, you escape the Vault into your old Massachusetts world 200 years after the fact. The main goal is to find your infant son Shaun, who was kidnapped in the Vault.

There’s your goal, but nothings stopping you from exploring the whole world before you do so.

If you explore the Jamaica Plain Town Hall basement, you’ll find a treasure trove of old artifacts meant to be a time capsule. Among these items is a 2076 World Series baseball bat, a melee weapon with an added effect: with each hit, there’s a chance that whoever got hit gets sent FLYING!

If the character has the ability to mod weapons, they can turn the bat from wood to aluminum, and even attach objects to increase the damage, such as nails, barbed wire, and even sawblades!

Hmm, a killer baseball bat? Why does that sound familiar?


The immediate comparison to this bat is often Negan and his bat Lucille, the newest antagonist in AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” in which Negan killed both Abraham and Glenn during the Season 7 premire.

One bat’s good for pissing off an entire fanbase, while the other lets you survive the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland that is Concord, Mass. by knocking anything it hits towards the nosebleed seats, be it a Radroach, Bloatfly, bandit, or DeathClaw.


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