Top 5 potential Assassin’s Creed settings

With it being E3 season once more, plenty of companies are showing trailers of upcoming games, both from established franchises and budding IP’s. During Ubisoft’s press conference, a trailer was shown for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins, which looks to be set in Ancient Egypt.

Now I’m not much of an Assassin’s Creed fan, having only put a few hours into AC3 recently, but the idea of assassins during the era of pharaohs and when the pyramids were being built has a lot of potential. Perhaps the assassins helped design some of the booby traps that pyramids have to defend against grave robbers?

Assassin’s Creed has had plenty of interesting settings for their games, ranging from Italy in the 1500’s, to the American Revolution and even during the golden age of piracy. So what other settings could Assassin’s Creed tackle?

Let me just say this right now: I’m not a fan of Assassin’s Creed. I have no context to any villains, themes, or settings the games have. Maybe some of these have already been done, who knows? If I get something wrong or miss a point with something, don’t bite my head off. Please.


5. Feudal Japan

Yeah, I’m getting the obvious one out of the way. When people think of assassins, they more than likely think of Japan’s stealthy killers. The ninja came to be after some people decided they were tired of being oppressed by the samurai, but since they knew that fighting one head on was suicide, they resorted to stealth and other tactics to get the job done.

This would be a perfect set-up for Assassin’s Creed, though it’s more than likely to be wishful thinking, as I believe the director for the series has stated that they will not do a ninja setting. Still, one can dream, right?

4. The Wild West

Assassins in the old west? Hey, if Assassin’s Creed can work with pirates, why not outlaws? With horses, carriages, saloons, and all other kinds of placesettings of the time, it could be pretty fun to see an assassin work their way through the chaos that was the untamed land of that time. Perhaps a Templar (the main baddies of the series) is the most notorious outlaw in the west, with a huge posse and plenty of firepower to boot? The idea’s are there, just gotta flesh them out.

3. World War II

So aside from the obvious mission of assassinating Hitler, why would I want to see an assassin in the second World War? Actually, I’d like to see how an assassin would deal with more modern weaponry such as machine guns, tanks, and mortar shells. The most Assassin’s Creed has ever had are flintlock weapons in 3 during the American Revolution, so seeing an assassin going through No Man’s Land, ducking into trenches and slicing his way through countless Nazi’s would be something I’d like to see.

2. The American Civil War

Now bear with me on this, because I have an interesting idea. Instead of simply being a Union Soldier, why not have two separate storylines: one where you help the North, and one where you help the South?

Perhaps the character is born and raised in the South, and they feel that the Confederacy had the right idea and should’ve won the war. During missions, you could either do what you’re told to help the Union, or you could sabotage the Union and help the Confederacy. Depending on your actions, you could potentially change history so that the South won the war. Hell, get some historical analysts in to say what the world would become.

1. The Cold War

I know what you’re thinking: hasn’t Metal Gear covered this enough? While it’s true that the Cold War setting was handled pretty effectively in the series (especially with Snake Eater,) Assassin’s Creed could also potentially knock it out of the park.

With the CIA and KGB handling covert missions and black ops during that era to ensure that America and the USSR would be the dominant nuclear superpower, perhaps an assassin is in the ranks of one of those groups? You could take the same idea I have with the Civil War and apply it here as well: Either be a CIA agent a keep America on top, or be a KGB spy intent on spreading the glory of Mother Russia.


Those are my suggestions for settings Assassin’s Creed can tackle. Do you have any other suggestions? Do you agree, disagree, could possibly clean up some of my ramblings? Let me know in the comments!


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