Nintendo to release a SNES Classic — complete with a never-before-released game

With the success of the NES Classic- a console with a select handful of hit Nintendo Entertainment System games such as the Super Mario Bros NES trilogy, Super Contra, Kirby’s Adventure, and Metroid- Nintendo has decided to double down and announce the SNES Classic.

It’s the same concept- a handful of hit games for the 16-bit era on a miniature Super Nintendo, complete with HDMI support- but there are a few key differences. For one, there are only 21 games included instead of 30. Some of those games include F-Zero, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VI, Megaman X, and Street Fighter II Turbo. However, the system also comes with the never-before-released Star Fox 2!

Yes, there was a SNES sequel to Star Fox, but it was cancelled at the last minute to focus the company’s resources on the Nintendo 64, which led to the next Star Fox game to be Star Fox 64. There are Star Fox 2 ROM’s floating around the internet, but these are all alpha and beta builds, without proper difficulty implementations and feature coding. A complete version DOES exist, but it wasn’t released due to legal issues between Nintendo and the developer, Argonaut Games. That, however, seems to be taken care of, as this will be the first time games can experience the TRUE Star Fox 2.

With other games on the system such as Secret of Mana and Earthbound fetching quite steep prices online, this is an absolute bargain and must-have for any lover of Nintendo’s 16-bit answer to the Sega Genesis. The console will be released on September 29th for $79.99, and Nintendo has stated that they will make “significantly more” units compared to the NES Classic. As someone that absolutely wants this, THANK YOU GOD!

But this leaves one question…will this trend continue?


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